Keep Moving Forward

Hello friends. I have taken quite a break from posting. It was intentional.

I felt that during the pandemic, elections, and daily challenges, we were all just trying to survive, and new information would not be absorbed and learned as it should during this time.

But, due to the stress I see in both the customers in my workplace and the people I encounter daily, I realized that it is time to remember why I started this mission in the first place. While those of us in the business of serving others in some way should not be responsible for the mental well being of the world, I think we can be a place of refuge for those who’s daily dealings do not bring them what they emotionally need.  And when the world does return to “normal”, whatever that means, we can welcome everyone back with open, loving arms and remind them of why doing business with you, and others like you, is not only practical, but makes them feel happy and good about themselves. 

I always believed in a future brick and mortar retail revolution. With Covid keeping us isolated from each other for so long, I now strongly believe this renaissance will appear sooner than I originally expected.  Amazon is not going anywhere, but I believe the movement to buy so many things online will diminish, even if only by modest margins, as people look for others to share the human experience with. And when it does, those of you who have learned what your customers and guests emotionally need will prosper beyond your expectations.

If you are fortunate enough to continue doing business right now, you can start solidifying your understanding of “dealing with humans” in real time. You can experiment with ways to make your customers feel safer, more secure, and welcome at your business. You can talk with your guests to find out things about them. You can train your staff to use their empathy when dealing with your customers. You can employ small changes in how and when you communicate with your clients. It is nuance. Making customers feel needed, welcome, and heard costs nothing but some time.

Right now, we are all just trying to stay afloat. Some businesses will not make it through the months ahead. Some already have folded. But it will get better, and every day you are in business is a day where you can be looking for new ways to employ simple human kindness, empathy, and connection in to your dealings with your customers. And the best things about it is that in most cases, in does not require capital. Only time and understanding of what people just like you need. People just like you.  

I believe that there will eventually be a large number of people looking not only for products, services and experiences, but also real human connection. They will search for things to make them feel whole, safe, and included. Will you be someone who gives them that?

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