About Me

Hi! I’m Don, and thanks for stopping by

I am 55 and live. I  manage daily operations at a Wild West Cave and Theme Park in the Colorado Rockies.

My hospitality career began in 1980 in a pizza parlor.  I was the guy who cooked and gave you your pizza. It was then that my customer service education began.

From there I was a waiter, and I am not afraid to say I was a very good one. I worked in diners, national parks, and restaurants where you weren’t leaving without spending at least 500 dollars.

While in college to get a degree in Journalism (because there is so much money in it), I fell in to the live music and event business, where I spent many years producing concerts, mall openings, sporting events, chili cook-offs, and the like.   I have served every type of person, from Presidents to rock stars to busloads of French tourists, to”Joe and Betty from Waukegan”.

On top of it all, when I was 12, I was hit by a drunk driver,  legally dead for four minutes, and in a coma for a week.  While I have no recollection of afterlife experiences, I do believe one thing. I became very empathic, and could feel others emotions, sometimes quite clearly. It has only been in the last decade I have come to terms with it, but it is what has inspired me to begin this blog.  We want connections. Lets provide connections.

I hope you are inspired by reading it, as well.